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This new site starts off with some bad news as all the previous content posted on belonging to a project called "The Pendulum" has been destroyed. I had some work posted on subjects ranging from tools and techniques in the assessment and hiring of software development professionals, cooking, and international politics (mostly North and South American politics).

This was a fun project since I got to bash both left and right wing latin american movements. A pendulum swings side to side on its kinetic energy, and ultimately rests at the center. But on the subject of American politics after the Donald Trump campaign it is hard to swing in favor of it, or even try to rationalize it. It was fun (at first) to write since The Pendulum was conceived during the campaign for US president for the 2016 American elections.

Yours truly here, along the mainstream media and pundits, mocked and predicted the demise of a young Donald Trump campaign. My short articles grew in worries about the direction of the American primary process (both GOP and DEM), and saw a Donald Trump not only survive early campaign missteps and abismal debate performances (for status quo standards.) But also completely steer, and ultimately erode, an otherwise valid political debate about discontinuing Obama administration policies, into a reflecting pool of sound bites and headlines looking to sow conflict, and wake vestiges of hatred to successfully launch the first mainstream American caudillo campaign.

This new will try to analyze cracks in American institutions as a result of this dangerous presidency, but will employ equal time and effort writing content about food/experimental dieting, and computing topics.

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